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Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship | Hochschule München

Startup Weekend Munich is a 3 day event where you can develop your ideas into solid businesses. Under the close supervision and guidance of successful entrepreneurs, in a creative environment, diverse teams and their participants have a chance to learn invaluable business tools and methods and to apply them during the event. The format of event is a focused teamwork during the 48 hours. Business ideas are pitched on Friday night and teams are then created with the top 10 most voted ideas. Throughout the weekend, coaches from different disciplines help the teams on their specific business idea and final pitch, whether it is a prototype, functioning app or a business plan. On Sunday evening, the final pitches are presented in front of a jury, where each team will be qualified for one of the prizes. Startup Weekend Munich is hugely successful event and is running for a 6th time in Munich and has already welcomed over 600 motivated participants, listened to 183 idea pitches, 90 final presentation pitches and helped to build at least 3 businesses each year starting from 2010. This year topic is Smart city. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas and pitches from all the different areas and hope for a great result. Enough talking...give a drive for new urban life and apply NOW!



Apr 29
  • Registration
  • Kick-Off & Introduction
  • Idea Pitches
  • Idea Voting & Teambuilding
  • Action!


Apr 30
  • Breakfast
  • Impulse 1
  • Coach Presentation #1
  • Teamwork
  • Lunch
  • Coach Presentation #2
  • Teamwork
  • Impulse 2
  • Dinner
  • Teamwork


May 1
  • Breakfast
  • Impulse 3
  • Coach Presentation #3Team Work
  • Teamwork
  • Lunch
  • Teamwork
  • Deadline for submitting the final presentations
  • Final presentations
  • Winner ceremony & party
Premium Sponsors

Thilo Plikat

CEO Worktender

Andrea Schöllgen

Senior Creative Consultant Designworks

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Organizational Partner

Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer

Head of Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship

Dr. Martin Körner

CEO Zertisa GmbH

Daria Saharova

Principal Vito Ventures

Natalia Karbasova

Head of Burda Bootcamp & Burda Hackday

Levin Brunner

Crowdinvesting CONDA

Bärbel Ellinger

Partner TAS Ernst & Young


Gero Gode

Co-founder Seobotic

Daniel Niederberger

Manager Strategy Engineers GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Michael Sauter

Co-Founder Brainbirds GmbH

Torsten Scheller

CEO Agil werden

Annika Klose

Master Student Urban Planning

David Baus

Co-Founder Shäre GmbH

Manuel Wesch

CMO Shäre GmbH

Frederic Westerberg

Geschäftsführer Brand New Ventures

Stani Dobenko

Qualifizierung Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship

Dr. Annegret Jennewein

Gründungsförderung Strasche Center for Entrepreneurship

Marcus Tandler

Geschäftsführer OnPage

Florian Handschuh

Co-Founder 2wunder

Konstantin Frolov

Partner CONDA

Thomas P. Offner

Co-Founder MS Spacelab (Media-Saturn)

Helene Neugebauer

Leitung Finanzen & Recht Enerstorage

Berthold Glass

Founder & Coach Business Digital

Björn Erkens

Leiter Startup Relations BayStartUP

Sebastian Berndt

Online Business Manager D-A-CH ESET

Constance Modrzik

Online Marketing Manager ESET

Benedikt Schröder

CEO Aquakin

Ekatharina Kholodilina
Alexander Schmitt
Maximilian Mann
Antonia Cramer
Julian Wolz
Conor O'Regan
Roc Reguant
Martin Lukas
Vincent Jeltsch
Ingo Mayer
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